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International Tobacco Control Calendar

Upcoming events

  • Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recovery

    Venue: Ypsilanti, United States

    "Tobacco Cessation and Addiction Recovery

  • The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act: Regulatory Science and the Tobacco Industry

    Venue: Boston, United States

    In honor of Senator Edward M. Kennedy
    On the second anniversary of the signing of the law


    The conference represents a unique opportunity for leaders of the nation’s tobacco control community to come together on the second anniversary of the signing of the law to discuss progress made and ways in which the tobacco control community can improve dialogue with the FDA to develop the regulatory science necessary to achieve Senator Kennedy’s vision of curbing tobacco use. The conference will also critically look at the tobacco industry’s response to the law and the challenges that exist in applying regulatory science to an industry that until two years ago was pre-empted from regulation under many major federal health and safety agencies.

    Sponsored by:
    The Center for Global Tobacco Control at HSPH, The American Legacy Foundation, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and Northeastern University School of Law

  • Tobacco and Alcohol: Learning From Each Other

    Venue: Cardiff, United Kingdom

    Tobacco and Alcohol: Learning from Each Other will be held on the 12th and 13th October at the Parc Thistle Hotel in Cardiff. The conference is an opportunity to learn from each other and to present new models and ways of working. As such it seeks to ask questions such as: * What are effective prevention programmes for young people? What works and can we share lessons learned? * What are the most effective smoking cessation and alcohol treatment models? Is there a place for concurrent treatment of both addictions or should treatment be sequential? * How do brief intervention models work for young people and adults: Are they the same models and do they work for both alcohol and tobacco? What are the points of similarity and what are the differences? * How do individuals become addicted to tobacco and/or alcohol? Are there genetic, behavioural, environmental and/or other factors that can be identified and can we use these factors for prevention and treatment factors. Are the same factors at play for both addictions? * Are tobacco and alcohol socially “approved” addictions? If so, how do we combat acceptable but damaging addictions from a policy perspective? How do we shift public perceptions and norms? * Can public health programmes address multiple health risk behaviours, or do they always need to be “silo” approaches * What works in new media and health promotion – can we use new media to combat tobacco and alcohol use? * What are the roles of legislation, regulation and education in combating tobacco and alcohol use * Are there effective mechanisms for countering illicit, counterfeit and smuggled products? What is the impact of cross border shopping on consumption? * Should we consider managing the retail environment and product marketing as ways of combating tobacco and/or alcohol use? What effect do restrictions on product displays, product content disclosure, or tighter packaging and labelling rules have on consumption?

  • 7th National Conference on Tobacco or Health

    Venue: Toronto, Canada

    The 7th National Conference on Tobacco or Health “Making the Connection: Knowledge Transforming Health” will be held at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel. The 7th NCTH aims to positively impact the tobacco control field in Canada with the following goals: •Focusing on linking policy, programs and research, the 7th NCTH will bring together the tobacco control field from across Canada to network, exchange information, resources and ideas, to explore new and innovative work and share proven and effective work. •Building on the lessons learned from tobacco control, the 7th NCTH will faciliate the transfer of knowledge on population health, chronic disease prevention and substance abuse prevention.

  • 15th World Conference on

    Venue: , Singapore

    The World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) is the premier, international conference on tobacco control. It is held once every 3 years, and attracts thousands of academics, practitioners, non-government organisations and public officials from more than 100 countries. The 15th WCTOH will be held in Singapore from 21 – with the theme "Towards a tobacco-free world: Planning globally, acting locally". The conference aims to establish, engage and support local, regional and international partnerships through the conference programme activities and networking sessions.



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