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International Tobacco Control Documents
ECToH 07 Basel

13 October 2007
 A Women and Gender Perspective of the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control Sara Sanchez
 Developing Gender Sensitive Approaches to Tobacco Control - Opportunities and Challenges Amanda Amos
 Women's smoking in Europe: Past, present and the future Margaretha Haglund
 Exposure to smoking in popular contemporary movies and youth smoking in Germany Reiner Hanewinkel
 Ice-hockey against snus Matti Rautalahti
 Resolution of the Conference Bruno Meili
 Warum Prävention im Sport Buergi
12 October 2007
 Non-pharmacological interventions for smoking cessation Anil Batra
 Petition asking Federer to stop the association of his name with cigarette brand Davidoff Pascal Diethelm
 Public Health benefits of allowing snus to compete with cigarettes ? Jonathan Foulds
 Questions for debate
 Smoking cessation in clinical practice Nancy Rigotti
 Effectiveness of a smoking prevention program in elementary schools Steve Crone
 Effectiveness of an interactive e-learning intervention for smoking prevention in Dutch primary school Marcel Pieterse
 KIM4U: Brief Intervention for Tobacco Cessation in Juveniles Martin Neuenschwander
 Losing my Opinion Rebecca de Leeuw
 Promoting non-smoking through smoke-free schools Ute Herrmann
 The 6 Country Smoking PreventionPrevention Hein de Vries
 The Austrian Smoke-Free Schools Project Wolfgang Dür
 ECToH07 Resolution Francis Grogna
 Italian Smoking Ban Giuseppe Gorini
 Particulate Pollution and Benzene Levels in Public Houses in Dublin Luke Clancy
 Russia hijacked by TTI to define global tobacco policies ! What can be done? Andrey K. Demin
 Second hand smoke and air quality index Giovanni Invernizzi
 Tobacco industry efforts to undermine the EU tobacco products directive Sema Mandal
 Cost-effectiveness of an Intensive Smoking Dr. L.C.A. Christenhusz
 Counselling for smoking cessation addressed to women E. Chellini
 Smoking Cessation in DOTS Clinics in Rio de Janeiro Nick K. Schneider
 Tobacco Control Fund Facts and Figures Marlen Elmiger
 Women against tobacco L. Tsoneva-Pentcheva
 A randomised controlled trial of the smoke-free Class Competition in Northwestern Switzerland Holger Schmid
 Chronic coronary diseases and smokers against non-smokers. Three years observation Sylwia Ka?ucka
 Concerns of health professionals about the management of smokers in a smoke-free hospital P.Borrero
 Management, evolution and outcome of smoking cessation - smokers with or without mental disorders J-P. Humair
 Mental disorders and tobacco use among patients attending a smoking cessation clinic J-P. Humair
 New media smoking cessation for young people Louise Wohllebe
 Pre-cessation treatment with NRT: a randomized trial Jean-François ETTER
 Presentation of FCTC Douglas Bettcher
 Realising the FCTC Vision Gerard Hastings
 Results of a digital based Quit & Win contest for young adults Poul D. Jensen
 Roger Federer Petition Pascal Diethelm
 Smoking behaviour and education among russian physician Vladimir Levshin
 Some questions about the Smokefree Class Competition Jean-François
 The report of the expert group on illicit tobacco trade Luk Joossens
 Effectiveness of Danish Standard Smoking Cessation Interventions Niels Them Kjær
 How to create a new smoking cessation programme Sabine Gradl
 Internet based smoke free group competition for youth in the Netherlands Anne van Dorst
 Irish Cancer Society Cronin
 Smoking cessation in pharmacies Jean-Luc Forni
 Stop-Tabac Jean-François ETTER
 Successful stop smoking, services in ne england, key lessons AILSA RUTTER
 Canton of Vaud Administration, free of smoke working are Vincent Falcy
 Do workplace smoking regulations influence smoking behavior? Example of Ukraine Tatiana I. Andreeva
 Smoking Prevalence and Consumption in the Republic of Ireland B.A. Greiner
 Spain s 2006 law: what is the opinion of the population E. Saltó
 The 2004 Irish smoking ban: Is there a Knock-on effect on smoking in the home? Dr. David S. Evans
 The Benefit for Health, the Certification Process of the Standards of the European Network for Smoke-free Hospitals Bertrand Dautzenberg
11 October 2007
 Developing Best Practice: European Network of Quitlines Steve Crone
 Feel OK: 7 years of experience Oliver Padlina
 Quitlines and Social Exclusion in Europe Kawaldip Sehmi
 Role of the Quitline in support of Smokefree at Work Legislation Norma Cronin
 Associations of oral health with smoking cessation motivation and related factors JP Rosseel
 Cardiovascular Aspects of Smoking Hugo Saner
 Contribution of Smoking to Life Expectancy Gap Chi-Pang Wen
 Making hypertensive smokers motivated in quitting Chi-Pang Wen
 Urine Cotinine Screening in Routine Antenatal Care Graham Cope
 New Directions - Norwegian Strategy for Tobacco Control Rita Lindbak
 The mediating effect of social-economic status Marc C. Willemsen
 Transcultural Tobacco Prevention Andy Biedermann
 Who really benefits from tobacco production? Laura Graen
 Building on experience Noreen Leahy
 Die Schweiz macht Fortschritte Thomas Zeltner
 European collaboration still necessary for effective tobacco control Cora Honing
 European Tobacco Control Report 2007 Douglas Bettcher
 Passive Smoking. National Health Officials Round Table Witold Zatonski
 Progress in tobacco control in 30 European countries, 2005 to 2007 Luk Joossens
 Risk Perception of Smoking in the General Population: Changes from 1999 to 2006 B.A. Greiner
 Smoke-free hospitality venues in norway Carl Erik Lund
 The impact of the smoke free initiative on heart health in Ireland six months, after its introduction Howell F
 Tobacco Policy: what can smoking cessation contribute? Luke Clancy
 Relapse Prevention in a National Smoking Cessation Contest: Effects of Planning Liesbeth van Osch
 Test strategy for assessing the toxicity of tobacco additives F. J. Wiebel
 Where there's Smoke, there's Poison Abigail Brown
 Achieving Smokefree Legislation Elspeth Lee
 Breakthrough for a smokefree legislation in Germany ? counteracting against the tobacco industry? Dr. Martina Pötschke-Langer
 Impact of a national workplace-smoking ban on non-smoker?s exposure in the Netherlands Wendy Verdonk-Kleinjan
 Smoke-free Norway From preparation to success Kari Huseby
 Smokefree France G.Dubois
 The Vulnerable Child- lay explanations for smoking rules in the home following the Scottish smokefree legislation Richard Philips
 Why bars and restaurants in the netherlands are not smoke free yet, but will be soon Cora Honing
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